BP Oil Spill — About The Settlement

The BP oil spill settlement is an extraordinary legal agreement between a liable party (BP) and the United States. Under the agreement, an unprecedented amount of money has been set aside, giving businesses and individual property owners an opportunity to recover full and fair compensation for financial losses incurred because of the oil leak disaster in 2010.

Call Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC, to discuss the circumstances of your economic losses resulting from the oil spill. We will explain your options and help you recover the money to which you are entitled.

You May Be Entitled to Compensation If You Can Show Financial Downturn Between May and December 2010.

If you operate a business in any county that borders the Gulf of Mexico, you may qualify for payment.

The settlement does not require you to articulate a direct relationship between your losses and the spill. Instead, a multitude of mathematical formulas will be used to evaluate your financial documentation order to determine whether you are eligible for payment. Depending upon the type of business you operate, you may be eligible to recover for past losses and prospective future losses, as well.

Over the past several years, Gulf Coast communities have been hit hard by the Great Recession, hurricanes, the real estate collapse, and a general downturn in business. The class action settlement will allow local business owners and job providers to recoup their legitimate losses and help move this region closer to economic recovery. Don't hesitate to discuss filing a claim through our office.

If you are a business owner in the affected Gulf Coast region who can demonstrate a financial loss - which you believe to be either directly or indirectly caused by the BP oil spill - talk to us right away. There are deadlines for filing.

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Call us toll free at 855-SWFL-BIZ (855-793-5249)