When people stop coming to Gulf Coast communities for vacations, retail stores feel the immediate financial impact. During the second half of 2010, when the BP oil well leak was making national news every night, hundreds of thousands of visitors to Gulf Coast towns and resorts suddenly disappeared, leaving their money at home with them.

In a class action financial settlement, BP has acknowledged responsibility for compensating retail store owners and other businesses affected by the downturn in tourist dollars. Retail store owners may qualify for direct reimbursement for money lost, as well as payments for projected money lost over the next several years while the Gulf Coast recovers. Financial documentation of losses between May and December of 2010 will be required.

Why It Is Important To Hire A Lawyer

In order to qualify for the full and fair amount of projected losses over the next several years, you will need someone fighting on your behalf. If you are an owner or operator of a retail store in the Florida Gulf Coast region, you can turn to Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC, in Ft. Myers. We are a team of experienced litigators who have an in-depth understanding of the BP claims settlement process. We will work aggressively to make sure you receive your payment in a timely manner, as well as a full and fair settlement for the money you deserve as the retail economy recovers throughout the region.

BP Accepts Responsibility For Compensation - This Is Not A Government Handout

From office in Fort Myers, our lawyers represent BP oil spill claimants in communities throughout Southwest Florida including Lee County, Collier County and Sarasota County, Florida. Call us toll free at 855-SWFL-BIZ (855-793-5249) or contact us by e-mail at to arrange a free consultation with a BP oil spill claims attorney at Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC today.

Call us toll free at 855-SWFL-BIZ (855-793-5249)