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Parents strive to provide a safe and healthy environment for their children. This includes a safe environment for the child to sleep. Manufacturers of cribs have a duty to promote products that are secure and function safely. If your child has sustained an injury, whether it is minor or very serious, you should seek legal counsel right away.

At our firm, we stand ready to help. Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC represents clients in child injury claims throughout southwest Florida. We are led by an experienced and competent legal team that is dedicated to providing a high level of service for clients.

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Our Fort Myers child crib injury attorneys have vast experience representing parents in child injury cases. We have handled crib injury cases involving day care accidents (negligent supervision), product liability claims involving defective cribs and more. We understand the level of sensitivity involved in personal injury claims with children, and take an assertive stance in protecting our clients' rights.

Crib Recalls and Crib Injuries

There have been numerous recalls for both defective and dangerous cribs. Cribs must meet a number of safety guidelines, which include guidelines for both design and manufacturing. This includes the distance between the slats or rods, the shape of the headboard, the distance between the mattress and the frame, and more. We can assist if your child has suffered injuries due to a defective crib product, such as:

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