Southwest Florida High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

In a divorce situation where there are large amounts of money, property, businesses, assets and other items at stake, it is important that you have an attorney equipped to handle the financial side of things. Not only are the financial stakes significantly higher in these situations, but the proceedings often take longer to complete and in some cases may also involve higher-profile clients. These types of cases can lend themselves to additional scrutiny and the potential for mistakes on either side is greater in these scenarios. Examples of complex issues that often occur in these cases are:

• Concealing assets
• Failing to consider the tax consequences
• Business valuations
• Valuing investment and retirement accounts
• Valuing real estate
• Valuing unique personal assets such as art, jewelry and other collectibles
• Vocational evaluations
• Inheritances acquired during the marriage
• Court settlements

Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC, represents people throughout Southwest Florida in family law matters. We are skilled and experienced negotiators and litigators. We work closely with highly regarded forensic accountants, financial advisors, real estate and business valuation specialists, vocational assessment providers, and other knowledgeable professionals to help us provide the court with the most accurate depiction of the value of the marital assets and liabilities in your case.

Protecting Your Interests

At Aloia, Roland & Lubbell, PLLC, it is our goal to provide high-quality counsel and the representation our clients need when handling the division of complex marital estates. Our Fort Myers divorce attorneys understand that in complicated high-asset marital estates, issues often arise over the estimation of significant assets stretching beyond real estate and personal acquisitions. We will use our knowledge of the law and experience to help you reach an outcome that is in your best interest. Our firm has experience handling complex property division including but not limited to:

  • Stocks and bonds
  • Inheritance acquired during marriage
  • Business valuation
  • Club memberships
  • Retirement accounts

Navigating Complex Situations

Many of our clients' concerns involve property division (equitable distribution) and determining child custody. Our goal is to make each of these processes as seamless as possible and determine a fair resolution that is in your best interest. Our attorneys take a comprehensive approach to matters and help with all issues related to your divorce. We work with our clients to define clear, agreed-upon objectives and maximize their interests.

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To speak to one of our family lawyers, please call 239-603-6143 or 800-724-7902. We can also be reached online. Consultations can be scheduled at either our Fort Myers or Cape Coral, Florida, office.