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Are you considering moving out of the area with your child? Perhaps you have an offer for a better job in another state, are looking to start a new career, or have a sick relative who needs care?

If you are seeking to relocate with your child and the other parent is not in agreement with the move, you will need to petition the court in order to relocate. Within your petition you will need to state your intentions, providing the location you wish to relocate to and a detailed reason as to why you wish to move. The court's determination on your relocation petition is based on an assessment of the best interest of the minor children involved.

Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC, is an established law firm representing fathers and mothers throughout Southwest Florida in cases just like this. Our experienced attorneys have proven track records in the area of family law providing assertive representation with a compassionate touch.

Parental Relocation in Florida

It can be difficult to seek relocation in the state of Florida. The courts are hesitant to approve a change that will drastically affect a child. If one parent is seeking to relocate, he or she must inform the other parent (and anyone entitled to visitation) of his or her intentions, the proposed location and a detailed reasoning behind the reason for moving. Then, the courts will examine the situation and look at whether or not the move will benefit the child, and ask questions such as:

  • Will the child be near family?
  • What is the motivation for the move?
  • Will the child be able to maintain a relationship with the other parent?

In Florida, the laws about relocation have changed, so working with an experienced lawyer is pertinent. At Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC, we are knowledgeable of the new laws and understand how they will affect our clients' situations. Whether you are seeking to relocate or opposing a child moving, we will protect your rights.

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