First-Party Insurance Claims

Nobody can fully anticipate life's unknowns. What we can — and should — do, however, is prepare for the future by protecting our assets and investments.

Insurance is supposed to serve that purpose. In paying premiums, you expect to be covered should the worst-case scenario come to life. Few policyholders realize just how difficult it can be to enforce their rights until they find themselves in desperate need of coverage.

Protecting Your Rights As A Policyholder

Insurance companies have one goal: to turn a profit. Your financial interests do not rank high on their priorities. An event that, to you, is a catastrophic loss may be, to them, just another claim to challenge, delay or deny.

Your insurance company has a team of professionals dedicated to protecting its interests. You also need a professional advocate to enforce your rights.

After a loss, the sooner you get help from a lawyer, the better. You may have tight deadlines and obligations under your policy that could impact your rights. The insurance company may pressure you to accept a settlement or submit to an examination under oath. You should not take any legally binding actions without consulting an attorney.

At Our Firm, Your Rights Are A Priority

In the Fort Myers area, turn to the lawyers at Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC, for experienced guidance. We are well-versed in Florida's insurance law. We help policyholders pursue first-party insurance claims to obtain compensation for their losses.

Our firm handles claims involving:

  • Homeowners insurance, including policies on floods, fires, water damage, hail damage, wind damage, and other damage from hurricanes and tropical storms
  • Commercial policies involving business losses such as property damage, business interruption and commercial auto insurance

We can examine your policy language to determine the scope of your coverage. Depending on your situation, we can negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement or, if necessary, we can pursue a breach of contract or bad faith claim against the insurance company in court.

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