Left-Turn Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists can get struck by cars on virtually any roadway in Southwest Florida. One location, however, tops the list: intersections.

Bikers are more vulnerable at intersections and turn lanes than anywhere else. Whenever cars cross traffic — for example, when pulling out of a driveway or executing a turn — motorcyclists are at risk. Left turns in particular are a major source of danger. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle accidents involving left turns account for about 35 percent of fatalities.

Why are these accidents so common? The fault almost always lies with the driver, not the motorcyclist. For example, perhaps the driver:

  • Was not paying attention
  • Did not accurately judge your speed
  • Failed to look both ways before turning
  • Had poor vision or coordination
  • Exercised bad judgment

Drivers often claim they didn't see the motorcyclist. But perhaps they weren't looking.

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When a driver collides with a biker at an intersection, the tragic consequences can last a lifetime. Motorcycles simply don't provide the level of protection as passenger vehicles. What may have been a fender-bender for a car could be fatal for a biker.

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