Fort Myers Attorneys Handling Pharmacy Errors For Innocent Victims

Pharmacies play an important role in dispensing medications. Unfortunately, pharmacy errors happen far too often, resulting in wrong prescriptions, wrong dosages or dangerous drug interactions that went overlooked. Sometimes these lapses occur when two patients have similar names. They may also be the product of clerical errors, lapses in safety protocols, inadequate training and supervision, or downright sloppiness.

You Deserve Accountability And Answers

There are no excuses for pharmacy errors — especially when they take a costly toll on innocent patients. You deserve a loyal advocate by your side to expose these errors.

At Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC, we help victims pursue justice and accountability. Based in Fort Myers, our attorneys represent patients across Southwest Florida in pharmacy malpractice lawsuits. We also handle tragic cases in which children fall victim to pharmaceutical errors. Our mission is to help you obtain an outcome that reflects the immense harm you and your loved ones have suffered.

After a devastating pharmacy error, you have enough on your mind. Let us handle your legal concerns. We will work closely with you to pursue maximum financial recovery.

How We Can Help Build A Strong Case

Pharmacy errors can be blatant or subtle. In either situation, the pharmacy may refuse to take responsibility. Our lawyers understand how to put pressure on it by gathering the right evidence and preparing a thorough case. We work with experts in the medical and pharmaceutical fields to present compelling arguments based on the facts of your case.

The first step is to get in touch and tell us about your situation during a free, confidential consultation. Call 239-603-6143 or fill out the online contact form. We offer off-site appointments when needed.