FP&L must pay $23,750,000 to a Grieving Mother


Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC - a leading, SWFL personal injury, business litigation, civil rights, family law, and real estate Law Firm (ARLM)- received on Wednesday, December 20th, a verdict in the trial of Tricia Dominguez versus Florida Power & Light, for the wrongful death of her son, Justin Dominguez.

Key Details

Justin, a fifteen-year-old in December 2011, was playing with other children and climbing a bamboo stalk in his
neighbor's backyard, when the top of the bamboo struck an uninsulated high-voltage powerline. Justin suffered a life-ending electrocution as a result.

ARLM partners, Ty Roland and Evan Lubell, showed the jury a FPL work order to remove the bamboo at that exact address from 3 years before the boy died. FPL knew for years that the highly conductive bamboo posed a serious threat to the people living in the area, and yet the Florida utility did nothing to address the danger. A six-man jury found for Mrs. Dominguez and awarded her $8.75 million for pain and suffering for the loss of her first born son. The jury took the further step to award Mrs. Dominquez punitive damages of $15.0 million for FPL's gross negligence. The purpose of punitive damages is to punish FP&L for their gross incompetence and to prevent this from ever happening again.


"FPL had more than ten opportunities, since 2008, to eliminate the danger to the children living adjacent to this 13,000 volt powerline, and failed to act each and every time. They broke the law. They broke their own rules. In their arrogance they blamed a boy for climbing a tree instead of apologizing and trying to stop it from happening again," said Ty Roland.

"In addition," said Mr. Lubell, "The jury had the rare opportunity to see in the light of day the behind-the-scenes decision-making that billion dollar companies like FPL make when their failures are challenged by regular people."


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