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Coast Guard approves plan for ROV reinspection
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Coast Guard approves plan for ROV reinspection

NEW ORLEANS - BP and Transocean have received approval from the Coast Guard to proceed with another ROV investigation of the Deepwater Horizon wreckage and wellhead site after a sheen was reported by BP on November 2 and verified by satellite imagery. A joint plan to determine the source of a surface sheen was submitted by the companies on November 9 for review by the Coast Guard.

The plan calls for ROV's to inspect potential sources of oil in the vicinity of the Deepwater Horizon wellhead and rig wreckage to address the sheen that persists in the area. The mission is scheduled to commence on 3 December under US Coast Guard oversight.

In addition, Captain Duke Walker, Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill response, tasked BP and Transocean with developing a comprehensive array of options for permanent remediation of oil that could still be contained within wreckage in the vicinity of the original Deepwater Horizon incident.

A sheen was also discovered back on 16 September, BP undertook ROV operations in October and discovered the containment dome was leaking oil. Another ROV operation was conducted to cap a containment dome leaks. No further oil emissions from the containment dome were observed after the cap and plugs were put in place. Video, taken Oct. 25, displaying the capping of the containment dome and plugging of the connection ports on the sides and top of the structure.

The FOSC is also releasing video taken on Thursday, October 25, 2012 showing the successful capping of the cofferdam and plugging of the connection ports on the sides and top of the structure. The cap and plugs were successfully put in place and no further oil emissions from the containment dome were observed. The video can be viewed at:

ROV video Part 2

The Gulf Coast Incident Management Team remains committed to the continued cleanup of the Gulf Coast and all shorelines affected as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion. The FOSC will continue response activities to remove all oil where it is technologically feasible, environmentally beneficial and safe for workers to perform recovery operations.

To report all pollution incidents contact the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802 or the Coast Guard 8th District command center at 504-589-6225 in the event of any marine emergencies.

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