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Amusement Park Safety
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Amusement Park Safety

  Amusement parks can provide fun, entertainment and excitement for the entire family. However, accidents may occur that cause injuries and sometimes even death. Accidents that occur at amusement parks may be caused by malfunctions with electrical or mechanical parts.

Rides at amusement parks are heavy, often complicated, machines that can provide threats to riders because of their size and weight alone. It is important that riders take safety precautions stated by the parks very seriously. Rides have quick drops or turns, accelerations and sudden stops that can cause neck or back injuries. Most accidents that occur at parks are from impacts or body strains that are caused by the natural force of the ride rather than malfunction.

This is an important fact to keep in mind before we let our smaller children get on rides they may be too little for. If your child has to tip toe to reach the height requirement, then they should not get on the ride. It is important to make sure your child knows and understands what the ride is going to do ahead of time. It is recommended that parents take the time to watch the rides with their children to make sure they feel confident about the upcoming experience. If your child seems afraid of the ride, they should not be allowed to ride it.

Also, remember the obvious; world renowned theme parks should be a much safer environment than local fairs. While accidents at these parks are more publicized, most accidents take place at smaller venues throughout our country. Therefore, if you don't trust the guy who just handed you an elephant ear, be aware that he is probably the same guy who was responsible for securing the seat that your child could be sitting in.

There are many websites available to consumers to get information about amusement parks around the country. If you are involved in an accident while at an amusement park, make sure you know your rights.

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